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Day 4 the power of peaceful walking

Day 4 today. all my triggers were on high alert. market was tanking it was an absolute trigger to buy because it’s “guaranteed money” feeling shaky at one point. the usual push ups and HIIT were not working and my shoulders were already sore from the amount of push ups i did the last three days. i had to find another way to survive the day without trading.i decided to go for a walk. i left my phone at home, no music, found a path with no advertisement, even gas prices are a trigger for me because i used to trade oil heavily back in 2016. just me, the snow, refreshing wind, and some sunlight. i walked as far i can from the internet enough distance that when i get back trading hours are close. it’s amazing how a peaceful walk without any stimulant, like music, advertisement, or even cars can be quite liberating. i walked a good 8 kms.i got back home, i played youtube videos on my phone while i was gone so it was completely drained when i got back to make sure it was not the first thing i touch when i got back home. took a shower decompress for the evening.market is close for the next three days so i will be stress free and will make it to 7 days.i hope you guys don’t mind when i share the tools i use to control the urges. have a nice weekend everyone and stay strong

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